For Theatre

07.2023 – Tankzfabrik, Berlin 

‘RIVER’ – a collaborative work with choreographer Ari Adamski ‘

Sound composition, sound design, object amplification, radio transmission signaling, live manipulation, live recording.
Activation of 5m high metal sculpture suspended in front of 3 subwoofers by channeling a 40Hz sine tone which physically excited the metal structure , creating a resonant metallic instrument. 

Dec 2021 – HfS Ernst Busch , Berlin

Irrspiel – object theatre dir.Lara Kaiser, puppeteer Cosima Krupskin, sound Daria Redkina.

Elements of sound design included:
1.Development of a playable sound object as part of stage design of scene 3 – prepared accordion reeds.
2. Placement of transducer speakers below several audience seats, activated during a live act.
3. Live audio performance and manipulations with amplified violin and electronics during scene 1 and 4.