Daria Redkina is a Ukrainian sound artist based in Berlin.
With practice in collective improvisation and site specific performance, her research work looks into perceptual phenomena of sound in space and listening within complex acoustic environments. She adapts her work to space and its unique architectural dimensions. Her recent practice is based around the performative physicality of sound in the context of theatre and choreography productions, working on the intersection of sound design, sculpture and interactive media.

She has performed , recorded and released music as solo and in collaboration with other artists – as one half of electronic folk duet Cotenius X and founder/leading member of a music collective Augmented Aural.
Since 2016 she has explored electroacoustic sound as a fictional character named Zoya Zerkalski using accordion and electronics as her instruments. She deconstructed the accordion into singular reed organs and continues to develop this wind instrument , adapting it for various projects.

She is also a curator and producer of music label ‘POKLYK’, co-curator and technical assistant at audiovisual gallery Frei-raum.Berlin. and artistic director of event series ‘Do You Be’ in Berlin venue Sameheads.

Education :

BA Art History , Nottingham , UK. (2004)
BA Sound for Film,  Metropolitan University of London, UK (2008).
MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, Universitat der Kunst, Berlin (2020) 

Recent SHOWS:

Jan 2024
CTM partner event at Berlin Open Lab : Ligeti 100.101 – D.Redkina & M.Johmann ‘VoluuuminA’
Dec 2023
House of Music , Budapest : Ligeti 100.101 – D.Redkina & M.Johmann ‘VoluuuminA’
Nov 2023
Klangtheater , Vienna: Ligeti 100.101 – D.Redkina & M.Johmann ‘VoluuuminA’
Sep 2023
Do You Be , Sameheads Berlin – Air Opera (extension) – live SOLO
July 2023
Tanzfabrik, Berlin – Sound Design for choreographic work ‘RIVER’ , dir.Ari Adamski
June 2023
Codex CLub, Panke Berlin – live SOLO
April 2023
Raster.Alphabet at RSO, Berlin – live SOLO with visuals by Tim Novy
Dec 2021
Irrspiel theatre production at Ernst Busch Academy, Berlin – sound design and live performance.