Series of live improv sessions curated by Zoya Zerkalski , exploring intuitive non-deterministic approach to music making.
Published on Refuge Worldwide Radio, Berlin.
Selected recordings are released on cassette, via ZOV imprint.

ZOV. 1 – The first instalment features a trio of sound artist – Shun Momose, Varoujan Cheterian and Zoya herself, in a dialogue, using microphone feedback, strings, balloons, pebbles, percussion and voice as their instruments.

Cassette release holds full unedited recordings.
Digital release is compiled of selected pieces from the recordings.

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ZOV. 2 presents Augmented Aural Collective who work with unconventional spaces and site- specific interventions. The 1 hour piece compiled especially for Refuge Worldwide is a compilation of recordings made in an abandoned hangar outside of Berlin, where vast natural resonances of the space determine improvisational responses of the players. Performed by : Zoya Zerkalski, Charly Roussel, Edvina Fahlqvist, Shun Momose, Emilia Weimann, Victoria Martinez.