Air Opera

Air Opera – A Breathing Dystopia

A mask became a charged symbol during the pandemic.
The mask distorts the voice

and is an item of human synthesis, that is to say, it is a technological device that changes the

expressions of the wearer.

In Airopera 2020, four masks are connected through electronic-analogue amplification systems by

sending the outputs from a microphone situated inside each mask to a speaker system mounted

outside of a different mask. , a feedback loop is created, which focuses and amplifies

resonant signals.

The amplified voice can be silenced, magnified, distorted and exaggerated into feedback.

The feedback analogy reverberates with our current circumstances, in which our survival is linked to

our adjacency and the alteration of the contemporary human relationships: to stay separated, in

order to prevail and avoid Covid-19 feedbacks.

Air Opera deals with my perception of internal and external space, observing the natural processes which happens within us and around us in our environment.

6min composition for human breath , diatonic harmonica, balloons & prepared ceramic flutes.

The act of breathing and the element of air are the main attributes for this sound piece.

Referencing the ancient Indian breathing practice of Pranayama I chose the rhythm of the breath as the setting for the composition. The inhale and the exhale as the main movement measured in time. I then recorded vibrations of the glottis (part of the throat which affects voice modulation through controlled expansion and contraction) using contact microphones positioned on my neck. 

The extent of each sound was done according to my lung expansion capabilities resulting in a

meditative drone piece which is a representation of as well as the induction to the stabilizing and quieting the mind .

Air opera – EXPANSION