Augmented Aural

Augmented Aural Collective is a project founded and coordinated by Daria Redkina, drawing on collective artistic practice of various musicians and sound artists who utilize unconventional spaces as an instruments. The project explores site-specificity as a determining factor for artistic interventions and employs various formats, including improvisation, sound installation, and psychoacoustic research to unveil historical and cultural narratives.

Since 2020 the group have engaged with acoustic territories of one particular site in East Berlin Рa relic of military past built in 1918, an architectural heritage, protected by Denkmalschutz but left to decay. A sequence of dome-like structures provide a stage and an instrument at once. High concrete ceilings swirling upwards and hollow, porous flooring below embody psychoacoustic phenomena through natural resonances. 

An artistic intervention gave a new purpose to a building, and a new significance to the practice of spatial sound focusing on site-specificity. Extensive sound recordings were done using ambisonics technology.
A hidden monumental space is being preserved through sonic documentation, to become a monumental sound archived and performed as a new digital simulation of the site.

Featured in art magazine Florilegio (Sept 2021)