Cotenius X

Cotenius X is Zoya Zerkalski and Lisokot – two talents of contrast who found common ground by means of absurdist theatrical performances informed by social, political, historical, and site-specific narratives. Improvising together since 2017 they incorporate folk, electronic and musique concrète elements into their spontaneous compositions.

Their album “Plastic Bag” coalesced during the four years that Redkina and Pavlova improvised together. Being based in different countries and despite the challenges of the global pandemic and the rising geopolitical tensions of subsequent years, the album is a testament to collaboration; an archival reflection of the time the duo spent experimenting together.

Cotenius X – Plastic Bag
Arma Records 026
Release Date: 5 April 2024


The First Experiment:
August 2017- Signal Festival, Nikolo Lenivets, RU

Sound Surgery Show (using medical devices for evoking sound):
October 2017 – Powerhouse, Moscow

Impersonating animalistic non-human others:
December 2017 – Kantine am Berghain , Berlin

Post Punk :
April 2018 – Saule, Berghain for ARMA label night

For Georgian Rave resistance:
May 2018 – Pluton Moscow / feat. Alexey Kokhanov vocal ensemble

Cabaret for DDR:
June 2018 – Funkhaus Berlin for ARMA X

To Decontaminate a River / A plastic Bag show:
Nov 2018 – Hoppetosse, Berlin for ARMA Cabaret

Udarnitsy (resumption of music concrete through industrial labor):
May 2019 – Mutabor opening , Moscow

In tribute to Parajanov cinematography:
May 2019 – Urvakan Festival , Armenia

Time travel to Soviet 1980s:
Nov 2019 – SAVE Festival , Moscow / feat. Sergey Letov